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Bridges 101

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

It isn’t often that I have read a “how to” book that keeps my attention and stirs my imagination. Author Ruthie Jacobsen has managed to do both splendidly in a short and provocative paper back, Bridges 101.

Have you ever wanted to “witness” but weren’t quite sure how? This book is for the non-Mark Finleys and non-Walter Pearsons among us who get sweaty palms every time a witnessing opportunity appears. It is chock-full of stories how Ruthie and others have used everyday happenings to connect spiritually with new people. Your horizons of how to share your faith will be expanded as you read about “A Bathroom Party” to “The Singing, Dancing, Painter”. I particularly appreciated her application of author Steve Sjogren’s concepts of “low-risk/high-grace” and “seedflingers”. I’m confident you too will find yourself saying, “Yes, I could do something like that!”

If I have peaked your interest in this book, and I hope I have, you can read it for yourself by checking it out of our Church Library (see librarian Doris Grayem) or by purchasing it from the ABC in Mount Vernon (800-765-6955).

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